Practical information

•Eight weeks before due date is a good time to start.



•I form new groups continuously according to due dates. The courses are held in Stockholm.

•We meet a total of five times, once a week. Four times before birth, followed by a final reunion to see the ”results”, to share experiences and networking.

•Each meeting is app 3 hours, evenings. (Swedish citizens have a right to take paid time off from work in order to take parenting courses. Check if this applies to your own working situation).

Course schedule

There is no formal course schedule. I form groups according to due date all year around except for part of the summer. Some courses may be scheduled on demand. Please contact me for further information by sending me  an email and I will come back to you about the details.

• Occasionally I will create a tailor-made course due to special circumstances or needs.

• Wear comfortable clothes to facilitate some exercises.

• I will give you hand-outs about the different subjects in the course. Please bring your own writing material if you want to make your own notes.