Active Childbirth / Lamaze Course

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Hi and welcome to my course, It will prepare you for a memorable and exciting experience and in becoming parents. And why shouldn’t you invest some time for that? We educate ourselves for everything else in life: in order to be able to drive a car, to get a professional career, learn sports etc.

I gave my first course 45 years ago and I still find it an exciting job to support couples in their process of becoming parents. I have participants expecting their first baby as well as second or third and twins. (I presently give courses in both English and Swedish). I have met people from all over the world. Since I started  I have had participants from more than 60 countries e.g. Argentina, India, Taiwan, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Bolivia, Columbia, Estonia, Polen, Japan, Afghanistan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Zambia, the US, England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, France, Iraq, Russia, China, Brazil, New Zeeland, Holland…