Comments from participants

Karri and Emerenzia

Karri and Emerenzia

”For me, as an individual becoming father, the course described very pragmatically what is going to happen to my fiancée, when the baby is working its way out. All from practical movement in the birth canal, changes in behavior of my partner during that, and my actual job in delivery. I found the course very essential to my capability to be a ”birth team member” with the midwife and the assistant. Now I’m confident that I was solid active support to Linnea Emerenzia during her first voyage.

For us as a couple, the course gave much confidence related to each other in the full action of birth. My feelings towards my fiancée deepened during the training, when we started to realize what kind of reality together awaited us, and I realized what Elina had to go through. We were also very pleased to the pedagogic way that Susanne introduced us different breathing and pain releasing techniques.”

Karri Mukkonen







”Yesterday evening (23:53) Nicolò was born after 9 hours of labour. They induced the labour in the morning with prostaglandin (in Italy they induced after 10 days )! Thanks to your lessons I was able to help Fabiana, breathing, holding her in some position… and of course she was great! The baby was 4,130 Kg and Fabiana never really never loose the control! Still today doctors, midwives, nurses are coming in to our room doing compliment and asking where we have done the course! Thank you very much.” 

Stefano and Fabiana


”Our baby-boy was born at KS on Jan. 4th, 17:40, 2810g! His name is Dennis (and Taishi as a middle, Japanese name) Dahlin. I had a very good labor supported by the KS professional staff and Micke, of course. The Labor took (only?!) 5 hours after arriving at KS. Susanne, I cannot find right words to tell you how much we, esp. I, appreciate what you  have given us in your course, not only all those concrete techniques and advices, but also  your comforts and mental support. Susanne, you gave me confidence in myself and let me  face and get prepared for this labor, which I cannot appreciate enough. Thank you very much. It goes without saying that the breathing patterns helped me (and my husband as well)  a great deal, thanks to this method, I didn’t panic, I could keep my composure. ”  

Yuriko, Micke and Dennis


Kasim, Wasan and Sam

Kasim, Wasan and Sam

”This was the most practical course that we’ve ever done, the whole birth process became such a  beautiful experience thanks to the excellent breathing techniques we learned on the course.  Susanne was the perfect teacher, she made the course very real, from imitating contraction pains to showing  us how it may actually be on the day, in practice not just in theory!  As for my husband, he went from not even wanting to attend the course to becoming the most actively involved  father both on the course and in the actual delivery! We reccommend it to absolutely everyone!” Wasan Abdullatif, Kasim and Sam







”Chris and I are pleased to announce the birth of our baby daughter (2,97 kg, 50 cm). She was born on the 26th of October at 13.44. The birth went well, despite the fact that she was in a breech position. We had been told that she was breech a few weeks prior to the due date and had decided that we would give natural birth a go. Of course we had made sure that all the measurements were good and that a natural birth was possible. The waters broke at about 04.20, after a hour of contractions, so we made our way to the hospital quite soon after that. The lamaze breathing worked for the first few hours, but then I discovered the gas….heaven!!! However, when it came to the ”no push” part…I couldn’t work out why the gas wouldn’t help…until Chris reminded me of the panting….I stopped using the gas and just panted my way through that part of the contractions….it was so good, a huge relief! So, all in all, the breathing really helped and Chris and I worked so well together…we were almost surprised! I didn’t even need an epidural! Anyway, our little girl came into the world bum first…but she’s happy and healthy! We look forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion!”

Eva and Chris

Sarah and Krammagnus with Lilja

Sarah and Krammagnus with Lilja

”Thank you Susanne for sharing your knowledge with Kram and I. Through participating in  your course, the birth of our daughter Lilja was the most empowering and memorable experience  in my life. The knowledge and exercises you shared with us provided the basis for Kram and I to  bond before, during and after the birth of our daughter. I entered your course worried and  stressed about the whole birth process and left feeling excited about what was to come.  Through the labour Kram and I worked together as a support team doing the breathing exercises  and keeping each other calm. The result of your course is a memory of a great bonding experience  between Kram and I, and me feeling extremely empowered by the birth. I thank you from the bottom  of my heart Susanne. Thank you.”

Sarah Robinson Wolrath









”As an Englishman in Stockholm with a relatively good understanding of Swedish, I was rather daunted by the idea of having to support my lovely ’sambo’ through this amazing journey. We attended a state-run course which was rather good but was unable to answer all of my questions as well as to make us feel totally prepared for the process.

So, in stepped Susanne, with her excellent English, her calm yet reassuring manner and her vast knowledge of the whole sequence of events, our nerves seemed to disappear. For us, the course worked in two ways. Firstly, we felt we were ready for what was about to happen to us. The ’unknown’ didn’t seem so unknown anymore. This really helped us, particularly before labour started, but also in the hospital. Secondly, the exercises Susanne taught us really helped to relax us both during labour. I’m sure that this helped to relax our wonderful baby Alice, too. We would recommend Susanne’s course to anyone going through this wonderful experience. Thank you Susanne!”